Kin’iro no Chord: Blue Sky

Kin’iro no Chord: Blue Sky

WARNING: Before watching this series, it is recommended to watch the first and the second season before, which are NOT available on this site.
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 Plot: Soon after transferring to Seisou Gakuin, Kanade finds the orchestra club in the middle of preparing for the National concur. Teaming up with the other members, she will improve her skills, meet new rivals and create memories for what will become an unforgettable summer..

Alternative Titles:
Kin’iro no Chord 3
Kin’iro no Corda: Blue Sky
La Corda d’Oro Blue Sky
La Corda d’Oro: Terzo Passo
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La Corda D’Oro: Secondo Passo

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Male Harem, Music, Romance, School Life, Tournament
Episodes: 12

Status: Completed
Airing Date: Apr 06, 2014

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