Attention Please



Hello guys, it’s me, Densha!

Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.
As I have already written in some posts as “P.S.” I will be offline from Saturday Oct 1st till Monday Oct 3rd.

But for you that’s not a problem: all posts are already scheduled and also the episodes from the Summer Season are already ready on this site.
At the end of the post you will see the episodes that will come out these three days.


The are only two sad things.
The first thing is that I won’t answer to your requests these days, so there won’t be any SPAM-POSTS and the Waifu/Husbando post will be casual and not from requests.
Of course, as I come back on Tuesday, I will start again posting as normal and answer to your requests.

And the other thing is that the Anime from the Summer season won’t be added till Tuesday, so be patient.


That’s all.
Please, continue to support us.

I love you all 😀


Facebook episode posts.

Saturday Oct 1st

Sunday Oct 2nd

Monday Oct 3rd