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Summer 2017 Anime Chart

It’s time for the  SUMMER ANIME 2017!   Here a quick scroll to the titles of the Summer 2017 Anime Chart and what I think I’ll watch. Enjoy! 😀   Let me know what you think you’ll watch in the...
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Spring 2017 Anime Chart

It’s time for the Spring 2017 Anime Chart! Here a video of the most famous titles and what I think I will watch! Let me know your opinions in the comments below! You can check the Anime Chart here.

Summer 2016 Anime Chart

It’s Summer time! Schools are ending and so now you can have fun at the beach and go to the mountains….. It’s Summer and that means you have the entire day to Enjoy Anime! (ok, for you health, please remember to go out...
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Spring 2016 Anime Chart

People always saying that Anime are getting worse and worse, but you should look at this Spring 2016 Anime Chart!!! I really don’t know how to start. There are so many interesting title this Spring it’s really difficult to tell...
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Winter 2016 Anime Chart

We already entered the winter season and so we are ready for the Winter 2016 Anime Chart! To be accurate, some Anime have already started, but these are special series and/or premieres that we won’t add on our site. And...
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