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New Anime Fall 2015!

New Anime added on STREAMING ANIME! These will be available on the ONGOING ANIME page and, of course, in the ANIME LIST!

Fall 2015 Anime Chart

Summer has ended, and also its Anime are gone. However, as always, new Anime arrive when the others are gone. And so, be ready for the Fall 2015 Anime Chart So, I scrolled the chart very quickly and I immediately...
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Hello to everyone! It’s finally time for our first GIVEAWAY!!! If you correctly follow each step (at the bottom of the page), you can win one of these Otaku prizes, directly from Japan! BE CAREFULL: There is NO predetermined date...
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Summer 2015 Anime Chart

It’s summer fans! And with summer, the Summer 2015 Anime Chart arrives! OK, OK, there are also exams to do (which are a huge problem for my Otaku activity >_< ). But, well, I think I’ll be able to spare...
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Spring 2015 Anime Chart

Hello to everyone! Of course it’s me, Densha, the Admin Founder. I know I haven’t been writing much in these last months, but I was so focused on our Facebook page that I forgot to talk about the upcoming Anime!...
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A request by the Admin Founder

Hello to everyone! It’s me again 😀 Today I have a huge request to do to all our fans: I’m searching for new collaborators! 😀     If you’re interested, watch the video below!!! You can add English and Italian...
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Winter 2015 Anime Chart

Ready for the new Anime?   The Winter 2015 Anime Chart is HERE!     As usual, “Otaku Around the World: the STREAMING ANIME section” will add most of the titles.   Is there something that really interests you? I...
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Sharing a beautiful moment with my fans

Today I went home and I received a package I have been waiting for the last days. So I thought:”What about sharing a beautiful moment with my fans?” I opened the package and <<YES! IT IS MINE! FINALLY!>>   What...
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Nisekoi Season 2!

Wowowowowow!!! It is official:”Nisekoi” will get a SECOND season. Production of “Nisekoi Season 2” got “green light” by Shaft. So, ALL ON BOARD!   The Plot of the first season (from Wikipedia): Nisekoi follows high school students Raku Ichijo, the...
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Initial D LEGO version

Today I wanted to talk about something different and not only the same “information” stuff about this site. So, today we present a very interesting project, the “Initial D LEGO version”! For more pictures: What is “Initial D” “Initial D”...
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