Facebook SHUT-DOWN

Dear fans,

“Otaku Around the World” Facebook page has been shut down as Facebook staff has considered its activity an infringement of Copyright laws.

As written in the disclaimer, our site is NOT related to the sites that upload the episodes which we make links to. We are not responsible of the content in those sites.
In any case, if you think this violates your Author rights, please use the CONTACT US form and “Copyright claim” link and we will take action accordingly. We don’t want to damage Anime production but making a collection of sites in which those Anime are available.

We answer at the hundreds of questions you find online asking “where I can find this Anime?”.
Here we have that answer.

Again, if you think that particular links or pictures should be removed or changed, please contact us without hesitation.

If you want, you can support us on the Twitter account by following us or you can buy our merchandise here.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your patience.

Activity on this site will continue without any particular disruption.

So, stay tuned on our Ongoing Anime section.

Thank you for your support.

With love,