Hello to everyone! It’s finally time for our first



If you correctly follow each step (at the bottom of the page), you can win one of these Otaku prizes, directly from Japan!

There is NO predetermined date for the end of the event!!!


NOTE: you can choose one of the following “groups” (A, B or C). You can NOT choose the single product from a group.


Haikyuu!! Rubber Mascot (1 Piece)

One of the six will be sent at random by Air Mail from Tokyo.


K-ON! Trading Card (10 Pieces)

Ten of the 204 types will be sent at random by Air Mail from Tokyo.


Try the FORTUNE! It might be everything!

When the giveaway will end, if you had chosen this and you are the winner, you will be able to choose among three new prizes!
It may be sent via Parcel Post or Air Mail from Tokyo.


  1. Like our Facebook page on this link
  2. Like the Facebook Giveaway post on this link.
  3. On the same post, make a comment including:
    • the prize you like.
      Note: you can only choose the GROUP (A, B or C), NOT the single product.
    • 5 Facebook friends tags
  4. Share the post on your profile.

If you have followed each step, you will receive a code in the comments: that will be your lottery ticket.

The draw will be filmed and posted to ensure transparency: because we want a REAL WINNER.
The winner will be extracted by a combination of numbers (probably throwing nuts). In the video I will explain how it will work in detail.


If you’re the winner, you will have to send us a message to tell us your home address, in order to send you the product.

With the price, you will receive a slip of paper from
We kindly ask you to send us a message (Otaku Around the World) with:

  1. a picture of yourself with the prize. This will be important to verify that the winner has been decided during the draw and not before it.
  2. a picture with the prize only.
  3. a brief review in which you answer at the questions you can see in the picture below.
    We will send this review to so that we can tell them what you think about the product.

biglietto premio cosa fare


You will receive the prize from
The rewards are free, including the shipping cost. However, if the reward is sent by parcel post, the postman might ask you to pay for some customs duty. It is said to be around 3 USD. We can’t cover those costs. If the shipment is made by Air Mail, NO costs should be added by the postal service. The shipment usually doesn’t take more than 90 days. Note that the products are from Japan.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about this giveaway event, please contact us.