Welcome to “Otaku Around the World: the STREAMING ANIME section”.

This is a site to help people finding their favourite Anime on the net. We redirect you to the best streaming Anime sites on the net (and, usually, you will skip a lot of annoying POP-UPs in their sites).

How it works

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This site is very simple to use and intuitive. However, here is explained how it works. In the upper menù click:

  1. Anime List: if you want to get the list of all the Anime available in this site;
  2. Ongoing Anime: to know which Anime and which day the new episodes are broadcast in Japan (which means that we don’t know when they will be actually available with subtitles). Note that we don’t use the Japanese Standard Time (JST) but GMT (Greenwich Mean Time);
  3. Social : to stay in contact with us on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube);
  4. News: where you can choose among UpdatesAnime Reviews and to be redirected to Anime News Network.
  5. Contact Us: to send an e-mail to us for any kind of question, problem and suggestion for the site.


Almost all the Anime in this site are available in English, German, Spanish and Italian subtitles.

Everytime you click on an Anime from the Anime List, you will be able to select your favourite language below the main picture.

Clicking on Information, you will get the main data about the series you’re going to watch. If you want more detailed information in your language, you can always click on the flags under the main title.

I hope you will enjoy our site.

For further information, watch this video (there might be some differences from the current version of the site since the video is outdated).




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