Holiday in JAPAN

Hello fans! It’s Densha.

From Oct 4th till Oct 22nd I will be offline because I will finally go to


I’m so happy to go to our beloved country.

If I’ll be able to, I will make an album with all the photos of my holiday.

That said, there are three main problems:
1) my posts
2) new episodes
3) new ANIME

So, as for point (1) I was able to make some schedules and got in touch with other admins to take my place when needed.
Point (2) is fine since I’ve already added the links for the ENGLISH sites for the next weeks.
Point (3) is the most problematic: I already prepared some new Anime pages but from Japan it will be difficult with the tablet to complete the job that I can’t do right now so I will be able to add only a few of the new Anime.
But don’t worry: as soon as I get home I’ll work hard to post everything that is needed.

So, thank you for your attention and